My Story

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Hi I'm Heather and I am the face behind Captured Heart N Soul Photography.

I am a mum of 7 children, lol yes you did read right 7 kids, 1 girl and 6 boys I am really outnumbered, thank goodness for my 2 adorable granddaughters who help balance out all the males in the family.

I met my husband and soulmate in 1991 and we were married in Widgee in 1994. We have moved around a bit living in Springsure, Taroom, Wandoan, then the beautiful Arcadia Valley and now home is near Injune.

I fell in love with photography when my twins were born, and I started scrapbooking. Over the years my photography improved, I upgraded my cameras from film to digital.

Then when my youngest son was born I had his photos taken at 6wks old in at the shopping center. I couldn't make the reveal, so they said they would email the proofs to me but after 3 months of phone calls and waiting I was told the files were corrupt! Heartbroken, I decided to try again with a different company, so I did family photos as well and explained what had happened last time. The girls took extras of my son, so I would have a variety to choose from, but at the reveal there was only 1 of him and no matter how nice I asked and how many people I talked to I was told they couldn't give me any more photos of him. Company policy I was told, what they edited was what you got even if you were willing to buy more.

Because of that I started thinking that if this had happened to me it could happen to anyone! So I decided then that I wanted, no needed to learn more about photography, dedicating my spare time to photography courses, workshops and being mentored by some very talented people.

Hence Captured Heart N Soul photography was born. When people ask me what sort of photos I take? I usually explain that I don't take photos ... I capture memories because when you look at photos you are remembering! Yes, remembering a smile, a laugh, how your baby smelled and how tiny they were, the excitement of the day, how much you love your partner, kids, friends/family and yes those special pets.